Review of Mongoose Casino

Review of Mongoose Casino

Mongoose online casino began in 2015 and bills itself as the world’s best location to play online casino. To substantiate this confident assertion, users will have access to a gaming lobby with over 1,000 titles, ensuring that the Mongoose platform caters to all inclinations. This lobby has a live casino.

Along with their expansive gaming lobby, users may be enchanted by their promos and offers sites, which feature a welcome bonus for new players and a variety of loyalty programs that keep current players coming back for more. These provide cashback programs in which they reward members, which is great for individuals who like being treated special.

The Rolling Stones

Rock Interactive Limited, a very modest firm situated in Malta, owns the platform. The Mongoose casino is completely licensed and confirmed as safe by the Malta Gaming Authority as a consequence of their location. For those unfamiliar with online gambling, the MGA is generally recognized and considered as one of the industry’s strictest and most rigorous regulators.

They are always lifting the bar for what their online casino systems must accomplish in order to be recognized as secure, which is fantastic news for players. Indeed, this implies that platforms regulated by the MGA are certain to be secure, which will no doubt be music to players’ ears. As a consequence, Mongoose Casino can be relied upon to provide a secure environment for its members to enjoy.

Failures in Social Media

The platform has made a concerted effort to maintain an active presence and to be easily followed and interacted with on social media. This is a serious issue, since they have plainly chosen not to use it, as they have not tweeted or updated their Facebook status in an extended length of time. This plainly contradicts their stated goal of being accessible to contact with and engage with users on these popular sites. Rock Interactive had a strategy to utilize it but ultimately decided against it. As a consequence, it seems since if they have chosen not to update them, making them uninteresting for players to follow or like, which is a pity as social media can be an effective method for casinos to communicate with their players.

The website is rather simple to browse in general, with members able to play a variety of casino games directly from the main page. On the right-hand side of the main page, an interesting scrolling ticker displays what other gamers are doing on the site. This might be beneficial or detrimental, depending on the amount of anonymity desired by gamers when entering onto the Mongoose platform. It’s beneficial for newcomers to the site since it enables them to see what titles other members are playing, which games members are likely to win, and therefore are worth playing themselves. It’s a beneficial addition to the site, although an unusual one.

A Selection of Fur-tastic Games

The games lobby serves as the casino’s main page, which players will undoubtedly like given that they can immediately access the platform’s titles. Intriguingly, while showing the website’s games for users to play, they include a little mobile phone symbol for games that are accessible on the go through the platform’s dedicated mobile website.

This is a useful feature, but it’s a pity that not all of the site’s games are accessible on mobile devices, since this means that some gamers may be unable to play the games they want. This is because they are linked with a variety of developers, and it is up to them to determine if a game is mobile-friendly or not. The Mongoose Casino website partners with a large number of game developers, including NetEnt, iSoftBet, Pragmatic Play, and Big Time Gaming.

With over 1,000 games available to members, there are plenty of slots and table games to pick from. Varying in terms of in-game bonus features, themes, and the likelihood of winning money while playing – the Mongoose Casino games lobby has something for everyone. Unfortunately, despite the vast number of virtual games available to users, the platform only supports six live casino games. These include roulette, blackjack, and several poker versions, so all the classics are included; it’s just a pity there are so few of them on a site with such a large gaming lobby. The Mongoose has a chance here.

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